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Infection Prevention and Control [IPAC] for Dental Offices

$1,595.00 + HST
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DOCS Infection and Prevention Control Program provides you with the latest guidelines and training to ensure that you maintain a safe environment for staff and patients.

The DOCS advantage provides a customized Infection Prevention and Control Manual, on-site training and recommendations for improvement. DOCS also provides continuous support for your Infection Control Officer.

This program includes:

  • Developing routine practices for reprocessing according to Provincial documentation (PIDAC)
  • Defining the proper care and storage of dental devices
  • Reinforcing the use of Personal Protection Equipment
  • Ensure packaging and labels are accurate and consistent
  • Templates for completing your daily logs… and more

Total Fee $1,595  includes education and training program plus manual Infection Prevention and Control Manual can be purchased separately for $695 plus HST + $40 shipping and handling. This is a 3 hour in-office training session.

Price $1,595.00 plus HST

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