Virtual Dental Office Manager - DOCS VDOM

Do you want to enjoy dentistry and not have to worry about the daily operations of your dental practice?

DOCS can help! Outsourcing the management of your practice might just be the right fit for you.

Average office manager costs $60,000 - $65,000.00 per year salary, + employer remittances.

VDOM – monthly fees, based on a minimum 1 year contract, can save you as much as $38,400 - $43,400.00 per year. There are no payroll taxes required and you can write off DOCS fees as a business expense. You will save more than double our fees before your production has increased.

If you have an office manager and you are happy with his/her performance, we can provide further enhanced training to make your manager’s position more effective.

Benefits to outsourcing the daily management of your practice:

  • Save time and money
  • Grow your practice
  • Make your practice more profitable
  • Reduce staff costs and payroll taxes
  • Monitor your production and expenses
  • Manage your human resources
  • Customized compliance manuals and training, including Employee Policies Manual, Health and Safety, Infection Prevention and Control (IPAC), Daily Operating Policies and Procedures.
  • Benchmarks for a successful practice and bring your numbers into alignment
  • Tracking and strategy recommendations allow you to make adjustments in real time
  • Spotting and reporting unusual transactions. Having an extra set of eyes on transactions is always helpful, even if it doesn’t always prevent fraud or embezzlement.

and much more...

Full practice analysis and valuation

To know where you are going, you need to know where you are. DOCS will provide a complete analysis of your practice and assess the key production indicators that drive the business side or your practice. We analyze the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats to your practice. Then we provide complete solutions to help you reach and exceed your goals.

Complete recommendations report

This is the starting point to let you know what our recommendations for growth. We will present you with the plan for growth and strategies on how to get you there. DOCS will arrange biweekly meetings through Go to Meeting to review strategies and establish goals. We will implement a system to track statistics and report monthly progress to you.

Complete human resources system

DOCS will provide a complete human resources system that includes:

  • Employment agreements
  • Job descriptions
  • Performance review system
  • Employee Policies Manual

We will provide guidance and advice to help resolve minor personnel issues and/or refer you to legal counsel for serious issues.

Compliance Manuals and Training

DOCS will provide training sessions, manuals and assist you with maintenance of :

  • Occupational Health and Safety
  • Infection Prevention and Control
  • WHMIS training

Prescribed Hygiene Therapy Program

DOCS will help you to increase the profitability of your dental hygiene department by implementing our unique hygiene program called Prescribed Hygiene Therapy Program (PHTP). Beth Ryerse RDH, who has been actively involved with the dental hygiene profession for more than 30 years, leads this program. Her passion for her career has led to a depth of experience and accumulated knowledge gained through; clinical experience, educating, lecturing, consulting, authorship and mentoring. She is the elected CDHA Ontario Board Director, Canadian Delegate to the International Federation of Dental Hygienists, a key opinion leader and a certified soft-tissue diode laser trainer.
Beth is an engaging, enthusiastic, dynamic professional educator who has fun when she interacts and takes joy in growing with her peers in their commitment to life-long learning.

Benefits of the DOCS Prescribed Hygiene Therapy Program

There are many benefits for the practice and your patients of implementing a PHTP in your dental hygiene department. The benefits to your patients are:

  • Improved oral hygiene and patient health using tools that work
  • Involvement as co-therapist – patient takes responsibility for their own wellness

Benefits to Practice

  • Increased hygiene and restorative productivity and profitability – once the foundation is healthy, patients want the restorative/cosmetics
  • Improved team motivation whereby everyone is involved in program
  • Increased patient referrals
  • Increased patient retention
  • Improved patient acceptance of dental treatment – trust and rapport is built throughout the series of appointments

Staff training

DOCS has national approval from AGD/PACE. All training sessions are eligible for continuing education credits.

Examples of Team Training and Coaching sessions:

  • Appointment Scheduling for Maximum Efficiency
  • Effective Patient Communications – How to avoid no shows and short notice cancellations
  • Case Presentations and follow-up
  • Accounts Receivable Control
  • How to prepare for Ministry of Labour and Public Health Inspections

And much more…

How it works –

Step 1 - Telephone call to discuss your goals and plan your ideal practice.

Step 2 - Collection of data from your office and a recent income statement from your bookkeeper. This is to see where your expenses are at and to prepare an operating budget.

Step 3 - Meet the team – first virtual visit

This meeting will consist of introducing your team to the DOCS team. We will get to know your team and present to them what to expect from DOCS. We will share what the goals are and how we are planning to get there working together as your virtual support team. At that time, we will set up a series of future meetings with specific plans for each meeting. We will also establish contacts at your office and set up the biweekly meetings. We will require a minimum of 2 hours for the first meeting.

The DOCS team will establish dates and times for the virtual compliance training sessions.

Biweekly meetings will be conducted by Sandie Baillargeon and will take approximately 30 minutes to 1 hour.

Implementation of easy to follow tracking systems will be conducted by Sandie and submitted to her for analysis.

Step 4 - Monthly progress reports - Sandie will arrange monthly meetings with the principal doctor(s) to discuss progress or any issues or blockages.

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