Dental Practice Appraisals

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What is Your Practice Really Worth? Why You Should Know Now

Your practice value is worth more than just numbers, it represents your life’s work.

You should always know your current practice value to be prepared for planned and unexpected events that may occur at any time of your practice cycle/career. Your practice should be in a maximum value position at all times.

Here are just a few reasons to prepare” to always have practice in maximum value position:

  • Unexpected/sudden illness
  • Family needs to relocate
  • Another business opportunity arises (clinical/non-clinical)
  • Bringing in an associate
  • Bringing in a partner
  • Going through a divorce – asset determination
  • Considering selling and staying on yourself as an associate
  • Considering selling and retiring (“walking away”)
  • Wanting to know which areas of the practice need to be worked on
  • Curiosity! It’s always recommended that, when in business, to periodically get appraised

Unexpected changes can occur at any and all times during your dental career. Whether your practice is in early stages of growth, sudden and rapid growth occurs, or when you are nearing retirement stages. The unexpected can happen. Don’t assume your practice will sell at the “going rate”. Your practice may be worth much more. DOCS will provide you with the reassurance that your practice is always in maximum value position.