Dentaltown, Feb. 2022

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The landscape of the dental workforce has changed drastically over the past two years. The shortage of qualified personnel in dentistry results in many employees jumping from office to office and demanding higher salaries. Dentists are being backed into a corner and, in some cases, feel forced to pay outrageous salaries just to attract and retain staff.

However, paying higher salaries doesn’t guarantee that the quality of work is commensurate with the pay. Many dentists are hiring out of desperation and tolerating poor performance simply because of the shortage. The best solution is to hire carefully and keep the good employees that you have.

As an owner–dentist, you are the chief executive officer and head of human resources of your practice. It is challenging to be the main provider, practice owner and leader! Your employees work for you because their job is an integral part of their career path, but employees are most interested in their own personal success. Where do you find the time to communicate with your team, delegate responsibilities, listen to feedback and have the flexibility to solve problems in an ever-changing workplace?

Dental teams are generally self-directed, but they do require information and feedback to know what’s expected of them as far as daily duties. Guidelines and boundaries provide comfort and a sense of security to your employees while encouraging accountability for results.

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