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New Human Resources Consulting Package

$3,975.00 + HST
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Building the Dream Team: How to hire well and keep the good ones.

Is Your Office Compliant with the Employment Standards Act?

DOCS can help!

Human Resources Consultation Package

We can implement your Human Resources System in just 2 – 3 visits to your office. There is no need to hire a consultant for an extended length of time and you have no further obligation to use DOCS’ services.If you are looking for dental office management courses, courses for dental reception training, or dental office manager seminars, you may benefit from this course.

This one time offer includes:

  • Meet individually with your staff members
  • Implement customized job descriptions
  • Implement employment agreements with new and existing staff
  • Organize and complete employee performance reviews
  • Create a Customized Employee Policies Manual

The complete Human Resources in Dentistry manual is customized for your office. A USB key that contains all Human Resources documentation such as incident report forms, job descriptions, the Performance Management System, and much more.

The total investment for this service is $3,975.00

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