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Prescribed Hygiene Therapy Program

$4,595.00 + HST
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Get off the Recall Treadmill

Increase Hygiene Production by 10 – 30%

  • Implement a patient centered periodontal therapy program
  • Develop your patient relationship to motivate and inspire them
  • Turn hygiene downtime into productive time
  • Provide appropriate care and bill accordingly
  • Streamline and ensure accurate record keeping
  • Quality assurance coaching included
  • Treat the patient and not the insurance plan
  • learn how to provide an effective case presentation with confidence and much more………

Effective Communication Skills for the Entire Team

  • Reduce or eliminate no shows and short notice cancellations
  • Develop trust and rapport with your patient
  • Learn how to work with and around insurance companies
  • Enjoy consistency in communications throughout the office
  • Learn the points of influence in the service cycle of dentistry
  • How to answer difficult questions with great answers

The DOCS Hygiene Program consists of 4 visits to your office for implementation.

Enjoy An Amazing Return On Your Investment!

Empower Your Hygiene Team